Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plasma, Where are You?

love is like water, is tasteless but indispensable.
hatred is steam, will burn to kill.
yes, you guessed, indifference is ice, you can break your head, no feelings.
one and the same thing will seem to be three different things - water,
steam and ice. love, hatred and indifference.
when you break the ice of indifference, you get love. when you boil
love, you brew hatred. when you are bored of love, you become

they measure heat and cold of water, steam and ice with the same unit.
you can go ahead and measre love, hatred and indifference with the same unit.
how simpler than this does nature express illusion?

An Ode to the Urban Thirst

May the water in the river and the pipes that bring it be pure,

But if the overhead tank atop our houses where we bear the urban nights is impure,

Oh burning thirst, I wish if you fell down and died in this searing heat, along with me

An Ode to the Politics of Hair

It's alright when you sit on the head, in group.

But never fall down in a curry, alone.